LETTER: Hartlepool Council ‘shoots itself in foot’ over beach coal

IT would appear as though Hartlepool Borough Council has shot itself in the foot again after banning the collection of sea coal from the beaches.

Recent photographs of Seaton Carew beach and the basin reveal large quantities of coal which cannot be collected, turning the beach black.

The council says it is not against people collecting coal but it cannot allow mechanical vehicles onto the beach to move the coal.

What does it expect the sea coal collectors to do – move it a bucket-load at a time?

I have had a response from the councillor dealing with this matter, but will it be resolved in time for Easter?

No, and we will hear a cry from a child “can we go to Seaton Carew aunty Marjorie, and build a coal castle?”

The sea coal people remove the coal at no cost to the council, leaving the pure freshly-wasmhed sand.

John Riddle,

Chester Road,