LETTER: Hartlepool is wasting its assets

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright

OUR illustrious MP, Iain Wright, has jumped in to stop the old bakery being turned into flats in the Windermere Road area of town.

His reason? Because they will be for people recovering from problems they have had in the past.

Iain further suggests that more suitable accommodation could be found in the town centre. Why, Iain, should you think that?

Surely these people should be allowed to turn their lives around?

Why not give these people a boost and build flats for them on the Bishop Cuthbert site?

Then you will be able to monitor their behaviour.

They may even vote for you at the next election.

Then we get Hartlepool Borough Council jumping in to stop the plans going through and suggestions that the council would buy the building and renovate the old bakery.

It’s been empty for years so why now? Double standards.

The council has sold the old Register Office plus surrounding land for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, which adjoins the old Engineers’ Club.

So why get involved in the old bakery?

Our council is not an estate agent.

It is spending the town’s assets buying old properties. Why?

Instead it should be forcing the owners of these eyesores to tidy them up.

The only difference is the town owns these eye-sores now.

We have hundreds of empty, boarded-up properties in the Hart Lane area of town.

How much revenue have we lost over the last six years?

Then we have Jacksons Landing – £1.5m-plus.

Then we have the demolition expenses.

We have thousands of pounds invested in Morison Hall, and money invested in the domes.

The money they are squandering belongs to the town.

My question is when is the town going to see any profit from their projects?

It’s time to do what you are elected to do and stop squandering the town’s assets.

Mr O Landreth,

Sheriff Street,