LETTER: Hartlepool Labour party should serve the electorate

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DOESN’T that just about sum up the arrogance of Hartlepool Labour party (Mail, October 14)?

Did anybody actually believe that any of the Labour councillors, and now sadly, the Conservative councillors, would dare to vote against a Labour Mayor in a Labour-dominated council chamber, whose partner is Hartlepool Borough Council leader?

For years now, the same tired old Labour faces have dominated this town with their “do as we say, not as we do” attitude.

In my opinion they got rid of the elected Mayor because it meant they did not have total control of the town, and that hurt them.

We get the same old Labour faces year after year after year.

Career councillors, some of whom see it as an alternative to having a job, controlling everything in the Victoria Road state circus except the non-Labour councillors’ toilets.

Hopefully after the next General Election, when the UK Independence Party has taken Iain Wright’s seat at Westminster, as they are determined to do, Labour will have nobody to blame but themselves.

I feel we have an MP whose own political career comes before his constituents. His party is determined that it will not give the electorate an in-out vote.

Nor will it get rid of Tony and Cherie Blair’s hated Human Rights Act.

Nor will it stop Scottish MPs voting on English laws, as has been suggested.

It has too many Scottish MPs to allow that to happen.

Iain Wright may have helped some people in the town resolve issues, but that is part of the job of every MP.

What has he actually done for this town, apart from betraying the electorate with his phoney promise twice to save the University Hospital of Hartlepool?

He has done as little for this town as Mandelson before him.

Hartlepool is merely a stepping stone to further their own political careers.

And as long as we have a Labour MP, we will have a Labour controlled town.

We are long overdue getting rid of the dead wood in the council chamber who simply follow the party line, and do as they are told.

We are now getting a decent crowd of non-Labour councillors, and we need many more to end this dominance.

Similar councillors in the past were hounded out of office, but I feel that now those days are over.

We deserve to be led by an MP and councillors who listen to the electorate, and serve that same electorate rather than their party leaders.

And now we see that Miliband is going to promote Labour MPs whose seats are threatened, in order to sway constituents to vote for them.

Labour’s desperation is unbelievable.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,