LETTER: Hartlepool’s NHS trust should be disbanded

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ACCORDING to his comments about the University Hospital of Hartlepool (Mail, November 3), Iain Wright said: “I never said it wouldn’t close.”

Well who did? Blair, Reid or someone else?

No matter who said it, he ran under the banner “vote Labour and Hartlepool’s hospital will not close”.

You can tell it is getting near to election time.

He supports the Mail’s campaign, he campaigned against the closure of the hospitals’ nurseries and the proposed closure of three doctors’ surgeries – what next I wonder?

The NHS has published a new five-year forward view on how care at national and local level can and needs to be achieved.

Not proposals, just a view.

Could this be the same as the Momentum: Pathways to Healthcare programme, which was to bring heath issues closer to home?

And what did we get?

A&E closing, services transferred to Stockton and, in its place, we got the “half life” centre, and proposals to close three doctors’ surgeries, one in a retirement village.

Just how is this bringing “heath issues closer to home”?

My own personal opinion is that the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust should be disbanded and go back to individual hospitals.

Like the one we once had which, I am led to believe, was functioning very well on its own, with first-class treatment and a restaurant which was the envy of many, before the trust, in my opinion, began to use its resources to bail out the University Hospital of North Tees.

That’s as well as getting rid of some executives, who we could send them on their way without the usual golden handshake.

I think these people have had enough of taxpayers’ money.

Mike Hanley,

Wethers Nook,