LETTER: Home care system is in a mess

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I AM writing regarding Healthwatch Hartlepool’s and Hartlepool Borough Council’s latest comments on home care (Mail, April 10).

Having a lot of people through is confusing, upsetting and a security risk.

It’s like your privacy is being invaded, especially when you need personal care and there are all different people put in to do it.

Also you have to tell the girls what to do, where things are and so on, over and over again.

It is so tiring.

They don’t seem to appreciate how awful it is.

As for rotas, I’ve had one on time, one late and two just didn’t turn up.

Yes, I’ve complained through mentioned mechanisms about both issues but neither has been resolved, as I gather is often the case.

Everyone – the agencies, Social Care, and the council – just seem to pass the buck and nothing changes on the ground.

Another Mail article said recently that 60 per cent of hospital discharges go to plan.

A woman from was quoted as saying she was pleased it was working for “the great majority”.

Well, to my mind, 60 per cent is not a great majority but just over half.

What was it like for the other 40 per cent?

Home care is nothing like as good as it was 15 or even 10 years ago.

I speak from experience.

There are no excuses.

At the receiving end the standard of organisation has gone down badly.

The whole system is getting more and more of a mess.

And the powers-that-be are, in my view, just ignoring it and covering it up instead of really sorting it out.

I do hope things can finally be improved and the old standards resume for the sake of the most vulnerable people in the town.

I, and several people I know, are finding the situation deeply distressing.

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