LETTER: Hospital decision can still be reversed

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

THE University Hospital of Hartlepool is a building and, like our own homes, it has to be maintained.

It also has to be staffed and equipped to provide the service the local community requires.

All this, of course, means investment.

So when money is available this is where it should be spent, and not on some monument to the vanity of the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust bosses!

A brand new hospital would, could and should be state of the art, but would we get there in time?

To take this to its logical conclusion, let’s dispense with a super hospital and build a super-duper hospital equi-distant from Newcastle, Manchester, and Leeds, serving the northern region.

Instead of ambulances, set up a coach service with maybe a stop at Wetherby for a quick transfusion/defibrillation.

Then, if you don’t expire, you will be treated at the best hospital money can buy!

A ludicrous suggestion?

Of course it is, but no more so than pushing essential services such as A&E further away from the people who may need them.

The new head of NHS England, Simon Stevens, has said he supports local hospitals and is not a big believer in centralisation per se.

Jim Allan said, with an authority not bestowed upon him, that this “cannot be done”, that it “will not be done” and the other “is impossible”.

Now that funding has been shelved, and no turf has been disturbed at Wynyard, plans can also be shelved and decisions reversed.

It’s easy.

Just ask Nick Clegg.

He does it all the time!

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,