LETTER: Hospital line is ‘insult’ to Hartlepool

The University Hospital of Hartlepool.
The University Hospital of Hartlepool.

I HAVE just read the headline, Protected (Mail, March 2), for the third time.

I find it insulting to the people of Hartlepool who are trying everything and anything to convince the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust that we want the University Hospital of Hartlepool back in one piece.

Hartlepool Borough Council leader, Christopher Akers-Belcher, is, in my opinion, trying to create a smoke screen by saying the council is protecting, when it is actually doing the opposite by letting houses be built on our site.

The land should be left until there is a possible change in the political situation.

I am a person who has always voted Labour, and would never like to be associated with the Tory party.

At the same time I would never be associated with the UKIP set-up.

If our council has any doubts about what the town and surrounding districts want, then let’s have a referendum as to whether we have houses or a hospital.

Please leave the land as it is.

This trust, for which we pay good salaries, may not, as far as I am concerned, last much longer.

That would give other people who, I believe do not seemingly suffer from tunnel vision, more scope for a better future for our town.

Ken Low,

Alnwick Close,