LETTER: Hospital petition probably a waste of time

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

ALONGSIDE many other Mail readers, I have just signed another petition calling for all services to be returned to the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

But I can’t help but think we are all wasting our time.

The North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has decided, in its wisdom, to phase out Hartlepool’s hospital and leave everyone with a 25-mile round trip to Stockton for hospital services.

The trust, in my opinion, couldn’t care less about the inconvenience it has caused, especially to pensioners or people without their own transport.

It hasn’t even considered the pressure put on services at the University Hospital of North Tees, with the extra influx of patients from this area.

It has not been influenced by petitions or protest meetings. It will never admit that it may have made the wrong decision, nor will there be any resignations.

Frustratingly, there is nothing legally we can do about it.

I notice, with a general election looming next year, one local MP has joined the side of the protestors.

There is no need to worry, Mr Wright, Hartlepool is a safe Labour seat.

Whether or not people feel let down by you, they will still give you their vote come May.

D Cross,

Grange Road,