LETTER: Hospital scenario is no joke

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THE letter from G Anderson (Mail, December 18), stating that other areas want the new Wynyard hospital, was written without thought or consideration.

Does Mr Anderson agree with Alan Foster’s reputed salary of £260,000 pa and office moves of £360,000?

Also the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust that no-one else wants?

Let me tell you, we had a hospital until the Trust got its mitts on it.

Also a man died outside of the University Hospital of Hartlepool because the A&E department was closed.

What you see now is a business, not a hospital.

Why doesn’t Mr Anderson go up to Peterlee and rant off there?

I wish he had attended the public meeting, like I did, and witnessed the feeble answers to our questions.

The entire scenario is a joke, and so is the Wynyard pie-in-the-sky.

The only difference is we have all stopped laughing.

Our closures are creating chaos at the University Hospital of North Tees.

An emergency case saw a child of nine years have to wait three hours to be seen after a fast ambulance.

Not the fault of the staff, just chaos caused without thought for sick people by a Trust that created it.

Sorry Mr Anderson, but your letter will have upset more than 12,000 people who want our A&E back, including myself, with Macmillan cancer support.

Stan Wears,

South Parade,