LETTER: Hospital should be 100% NHS

SHELVED: An artist's impression of the planned �300m Wynyard development
SHELVED: An artist's impression of the planned �300m Wynyard development

I WRITE with regards to the recent email from Paul Garvin, relating to Hartlepool Borough Council not having the authority or power to ask the Health Secretary to intervene.

Mr Garvin and Alan Foster are right.

So all the huffing and puffing and blowing will be in vain.

Might I suggest to those who have the ability to study/investigate how the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is formed.

Its rules and procedures for alleged behaviour, or not having the confidence of the majority who live within its curtilage.

Then, and only then, you may or may not have a way to bring this matter to a conclusion, one way or the other.

The comment I will make on this issue is that Paul Garvin and Alan Foster know only too well it is all about money.

The University Hospital of Hartlepool could be sustainable once again but others have other plans.

As far as the proposed hospital at Wynyard goes, my hunch is it could and will be built if all parties cool down and put the blame where it belongs.


It shouldn’t be private funding to build the hospital.

It should 100 per cent be the NHS.

jI suggest the sale of a new aircraft carrier that has no planes to play with, or a nuclear submarine would be just the ticket.

And pigs might fly, do I hear the reply?

Or perhaps sail the aircraft carrier into Hartlepool, tie it up in the deep water berth.

It would make a cracking temporary hospital ship on five levels until the bricks and mortar set at Wynyard.

Or ‘Hartlepool Hospital’ as it was and should be again.

But those piggies keep flying past.

R Bantoft,

Burwell Walk,