LETTER: Hospital trust left with egg on its face

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How absolutely delighted I was to read the headline, Last hospital hope dies (Mail, May 11).

Not only have I been proved right, along with what I suspect to be 90 per cent of the people of Hartlepool, but now the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has been left with egg on its face.

It is having to sell the land back to its original owner.

I wish I had put a bet on at the bookies as to the outcome of what I consider to be a fiasco.

I knew the Wynyard hospital plan would never happen from day one.

Now maybe the trust will do the decent thing.

It is supposed to be serving the people of Hartlepool, not, as I see it, making life difficult for them by placing hospital services 14 miles away.

Bring the services, including the A&E department, back to Hartlepool where they belong.

Therefore ensuring that no further unnecessary loss of life occurs due to the time taken to get sick patients to the required expertise of staff when they are ill.

Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, Hartlepool still remains in the clutches of Labour and its Labour council.

I would have thought the people of Hartlepool would have learned their lesson by now.

This is another barrier to the return of services to Hartlepool, because, in my opinion, you certainly cannot rely on Iain Wright to support the return of services to Hartlepool.

I will watch with interest to see what happens next.

Geoff Hare,

Kingsley Avenue,