LETTER: ‘I warmly welcome the £5m injection of Government money’, writes Conservative candidate

IMPROVED CONNECTIVITY: An artist's impression of planned Church Street improvements
IMPROVED CONNECTIVITY: An artist's impression of planned Church Street improvements

I WARMLY welcome the £5m injection of Government money which will help to improve and regenerate Hartlepool.

The town MP is an example.

I believe the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust does not listen to the voice of the people it serves, and spends our money with apparent impunity.

It appears to be impervious to complaints, marches, MPs or councils, as if it was deaf.

It is not answerable to anyone, least of all the people of Hartlepool.

The voice we have is, as always, at the ballot box.

If only people would realise it.

It is the strongest voice we will ever have in our modern world.

Who to vote for is the problem.

Sending a message to Westminster that we do not believe in the political parties that have, in my view, looked on and turned a blind eye to our problems in Hartlepool.

I can name three such parties.

Labour, the Conservative, the Liberal Democrats – three blind mice.

Sometimes it is just time for a change, just to see what happens.

Mixing two colours together to find the right blend.

Changing the tea you drink; trying bitter instead of lager.

After all, nothing much has changed in the last 30 years here, has it?

My mum used to say if you keep putting your hand in the fire you will get it burned.

Nothing will bring back the University Hospital of Hartlepool now.

The powers-that-be will not change their minds.

Our hospital is all but empty now.

Two floors are shut, all beds removed, support buildings and the machinery gone.

Little is left, just a memory of a time before trusts.

The fight is not for our hospital to have services returned.

It is now for a new hospital.

A new trust membership of what I would call moderate thinkers might help.

And time for a change in political thinking for Hartlepool people.

Boot out the old, bring in a new political force that will fight for us in Hartlepool rather than, as I see it, for a political party in Westminster and politically-motivated unions.

Think on it.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,