LETTER: I was disgusted with Hartlepool hospital meeting

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I ATTENDED the Hartlepool Borough Council meeting on March 12, together with 150 people who supported the Save Our Hospital campaign.

Keith Fisher, one of the people leading the fight, was there.

I was disgusted with the debate and the voting regarding a referendum.

The casting vote, by our ceremonial Mayor, silenced the people.

There was to be no public referendum.

There was uproar in the Town Hall.

I understand that council leader Councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher said on local radio that a model for services in Hartlepool would be prepared within a couple of months – after the election.

On March 13 Alan Foster from North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust said: “There will be no return of A&E facilities to Hartlepool.”

So why engage in a meeting with the health authority?

He said he was happy to work with the local authority but, it seems to me, on his terms.

John Riddle,

Chester Road,


* Editor’s note: There were two referendum votes at the meeting, one of which concerned the public having no confidence in the health trust leaders, and another calling for a referendum on a new local health plan once it is completed. The first was defeated 19-11, and the second was tied at 15 all.