LETTER: If audacity was a sport...

I REFER to the article (Mail, April 2) in which North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust Fund chief executive Alan Foster is claiming that NHS funding “didn’t get through”.

If audacity was a sport then, in my opinion, Mr Foster would be the undisputed champion of the world.

He and his chairman are twice named as being subject matters of unanimous declarations of no confidence.

However, they still managed to find more than £6m of the money which “didn’t get through” to waste upon a proposed out-of-town hospital which not everyone wanted.

How dare he say that he may have to close more beds in our hospital while he is still funding the momentum: pathways to healthcare programme which, as far as I am concerned, were specifically created to persuade public opinion, and to pursue funding for the financial black hole I call Wynyard.

Is it any wonder that he couldn’t borrow the money, no matter how extensively and expensively he globe-trotted around looking for it?

The obvious question I wish to pose is how many of our hospital beds would be saved by dispensing with him, his chairman and his board of trustees?

Keith Fisher,

Formby Close,