LETTER: Immigration solution is too late

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

BECAUSE of his reluctance to accept the inevitable, our Prime Minister, David Cameron, has finally succumbed to the ever-growing concerns of the British people, namely to drastically overhaul and curb our over-generous benefits system to the immigration influx.

The result of his frantic solutions is at least two years’ too late.

Again our dithering establishment lacking foresight.

Over this period tens of thousands of migrants have arrived in this country.

Some of them legally, by virtue of EU ruling.

But still a large proportion have bypassed the system, with no records, identification nor past history.

A complete and utter shambles, in my opinion.

There are bound to be a certain number of undesirables, habitual criminals, fanatics and extremists among them.

They will quickly be assimilated into self-grown city ghettos, never to be traced.

The truth will out, as is apparent now by the heinous crimes already perpetrated by some of these people.

The lack of positive action by our political establishment is not acceptable.

Less talk and more do is needed.

Considering that the above problem is concern enough, have a thought for another aspect.

I believe some immigrants are tempted to have large families as a result of our generous child benefit system.

The larger the family the more the benefit and, ultimately, a bigger house.

All above board, courtesy of the EU.

One can understand the attraction to live here at any cost.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,