LETTER: ‘In politicians lies the tongue of deceit and duplicity’


AN article in a morning newspaper reported that a retired control officer of the immigration service had stated how baffled, bemused and frustrated they had become with the freedom of movement between Britain and the EU.

There is no doubt that Jihadists, drug traffickers and the scourge of Europe’s criminal fraternity are moving freely.

They are welcomed with open arms by the inadequacy of dithering British politicians to address the referendum situation we Brits really need. Theresa May has often talked the talk of reform but been side-swiped by the yellow of the coalition partnership.

One does wonder why we need to hold a general election in the year 2015. In reality, the three major parties think only of the welfare of the party they represent, and not of the voters who elect them into office or the promises made on the way to power.

In the word of God we can trust. In politicians lies the tongue of deceit and duplicity, which leads to doom and failure.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,