LETTER: John Prescott is the wrong man for the job

A ballot box.
A ballot box.

WE are saved!

John Prescott is to be welcomed back into the Labour fold to advise on climate change.

This is the man who travelled thousands of miles around the world belching out carbon by the ton (well, the plane did).

I can well imagine that upon arrival he would have been whisked to his hotel by a gas-guzzling mini cavalcade, and shown to a hotel room.

I can imagine that such accommodation would have included a constantly-running fridge to ensure cool refreshment and air conditioning for pin-point temperature control.

His cavalcade would then have had to make the return journey, and I expect he would have travelled home in a carbon fug to regale us all with tales of his “success”.

This is also the man who refused to walk 200 yards to a conference centre lest his wife’s hair was “blown about”.

He chose to do the journey in one of the two gas-guzzling Jaguars at his disposal.

This is also the man who, so it is reported, after making a speech encouraging us to leave our cars at home and take the train, alighted from his train at the next stop to return to London in the comfort of his ministerial Jaguar!

If this is the best that Labour can come up with then beware.

Bill Burchell,

Loyalty Close,