LETTER: Join the hospital protest march

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I HAVE always avoided asking Save Our Hospital campaigners to do something which I can’t actually do myself.

But, as per the old saying, needs must.

On January 10 at 11am, from Seaton Carew bus station, some lovely people are holding a protest march to the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

I know that you have all done similar magnificent marches/demonstrations at least three times before.

However the other old saying, “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more,” applies perfectly to this occasion, by kind courtesy of William Shakespeare.

Therefore I’m asking you all, who can, to support this effort, which carries my unreserved support and recommendation.

Elaine was always proud that she had ‘marched all of the marches’.

She referred in particular to the one down the Coast Road, which was actually in a blizzard.

Therefore I’m certain that she will be marching amongst you on January 10.

Your comments and/or suggestions are always welcomed.

I will be there at the start, and at various supportive vantage points throughout, but as usual I’ll be in my useless static mode.

Keith Fisher,

Formby Close,