LETTER: ‘Labour wants hospital closed’

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The headline of our MP’s column (Mail, June 25) tells us that it is important to mark Armed Forces Day.

As an ex-member of HM Forces (Royal Navy), my lasting memory will always be of Iain Wright, on that very day, holding a protest meeting at our war memorial – of all places – fully supported by Hartlepool Borough Council and some trade unions.

To this protest meeting, he invited the-then Labour leadership to protest at the Government for cutting the funding that would lead to the closure of the University Hospital of Hartlepool for a new one at Wynyard.

In the run-up to the General Election, when he wanted us to vote for him, Iain Wright suddenly became very involved with the save the hospital campaign.

But there has not been a word since he secured another five years.

Did he, on this year’s Armed Forces Day, invite the current crop of leadership hopefuls to come here for another protest meeting at our war memorial – to join in the “restore our services to our hospital” campaign?

Silly me, of course not, because Labour wants it closed, so why should they come to protest for services to be restored?

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,


Poem: Angels here on earth

Are all the angels in heaven,

And all the stars in the sky?

Are there any here on this earth?

Or maybe they just past it by.

Have you ever met an angel?

I believe there are some around.

They’re not very easy to recognise,

And they rarely make a sound.

They’re always where they’re needed,

And they always wear a smile.

The good they do cannot be measured,

Yet they always go the extra mile.

I think I know where there are a few,

And they’re not far away.

I hope they enjoy their time on earth,

For they certainly made my day.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,


Nowhere to go when it rains

Please could we have some bus shelters at Bishop Cuthbert?

Especially at the stop in Merlin Way.

These buses only run every half an hour, and there’s nowhere to stand if it starts to rain.

Also, I know it’s a bit late in the day, but there should be a zebra crossing or lights on Belle Vue Way.

Trying to cross the roads to get to the Tees Bay shops is a nightmare.

You don’t just need eyes in the back of your head, but at the sides as well.

Eileen Glenn,

Windermere Road,