LETTER: Leaving EU could revitalise our economy

REVENGE: David Cameron.
REVENGE: David Cameron.

ANOTHER senior Tory, Culture Secretary Sajid Javid, has joined the ever-growing intelligentsia advocating opting out of the EU.

He gave cognitive reasons for doing so.

He added that, by leaving, our business potential in world trade would not be affected.

In fact, it could be enhanced by having a wider and more lucrative freedom in the open market.

More importantly, having been released from the stranglehold of this greedy assembly, the money saved would greatly help to revitalise our economy tenfold.

The question arises, will David Cameron be our saviour going into our history books, rescuing our nation from impending doom?

Or is he so preoccupied with, and more concerned about his position and standing on the world stage, which he so obviously enjoys?

The nation waits hopefully.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,