LETTER: MIlitary funding cuts could be fatal error of judgement

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BRITAIN’S fighting strength could be tested to its limits in a coming conflict with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, as posturing attitudes of military confrontation towards the British protectorate continues.

Russia’s President Putin and Spain are said to be supplying arms and naval vessels to Argentina.

Whether or not that is to aid that country in any future military confrontation has not been confirmed one way or the other.

Argentina is still included in Britain’s foreign aid funding bill.

What is of concern, however, is that funding for Britain’s armed forces is in jeopardy of being slashed, while countries in the Middle East are fighting among themselves.

On the home front terrorism is ever a prevalent threat on our doorsteps.

I’m old enough to remember the 1930s.

Our Government ignored the rise of Hitler’s Germany and refused to increase funding to improve our armed forces.

Cemeteries throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as here in England - graves of the Afghanistan conflict - are a constant and dramatic reminder of fatal errors of judgement.

Britain’s public safety is sacrosanct.

So are the lives of those we despatch in the line of duty to defend our liberty.

How can the Government put a price on the safety of the nation, and the lives of the military forces who are sent to defend our sovereignty and its people, yet not continue the funding to do the job?

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,