LETTER: Move Parliament to York

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THE knocks politicians take in the course of campaigning are as nothing to ordinary people potentially losing their jobs and losing their homes, or the developing crisis in Ukraine.

However part of the problem is that trying to run a home in London and one in a constituency is very expensive.

That is how MPs get started down this road.

If we moved MPs out of London to meet in provincial Britain it would help somewhat.

London is a very unusual place and people behave untypically there.

I had a Westminster pass once as an MP’s researcher for a year.

I can tell you the atmosphere in Westminster is very odd and surreal.

How anything ever gets done at all there, God knows.

The alternative is a pay rise for MPs or possibly a free flat to stay in while they are MPs.

I would still recommend turning the Palace of Westminster into a museum or visitor attraction, and moving Parliament out to York or somewhere in the centre of the island of Britain where government jobs are needed very much more.

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,