LETTER: MP pulling out all stops over hospital

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright signs the Bring Them Back petition
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright signs the Bring Them Back petition

WELL our MP really is pulling out all of the stops with an election just months away.

I sincerely hope that when he stands up in Westminster to make his “demands”, the health secretary reminds him that it was a Labour Prime Minister and health secretary who categorically stated that the University Hospital of Hartlepool would not close in order to get the said member elected.

When it was announced that the hospital would close, this same member campaigned to get re-elected by promising to fight to save our hospital.

Then, when he was safely settled in Westminster, he campaigned for a new hospital at Wynyard – even inviting the Labour leadership hopefuls to his protest rally when funding for Wynyard was cut by the current Government.

The building of Wynyard hospital would mean the definite closure of our hospital which he pledged to save, as he well knew.

Reading through all of the bluster by this Labour Hartlepool Borough Council and MP, the underlying point of their concern, in my opinion, is the delay in funding for Wynyard.

Our hospital was good enough for Iain Wright (“It’s my hospital – my kids were born there”) twice when he wanted a seat in Parliament.

Now that Wynyard has been put on hold, he is back on the University Hospital of Hartlepool bandwagon, hoping he can use it for a third time to save his seat.

In one way, Jeremy Hunt could be right by stating that a meeting would not be helpful, because he is fully aware that Labour has promised to build Wynyard hospital if elected in May.

There is no way that the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust will return our services as long as it can cling onto Labour’s promise, if it wins the election.

Mr Wright goes on about “the strength of feeling” and the 12,000 people who have signed the petition to have our services restored.

What about the strength of feeling with the original campaign against closure, with many thousands of signatures and the protest meetings?

People of the town were still protesting and fighting to save our hospital while he was protesting in Victory Square, along with the trade unions who erected barriers and displayed their banners to have Wynyard built and our hospital closed.

I am sure that an awful lot of people are tired of hearing your promises at election time.

Do the decent thing and stand down before you are voted out, because it is your Labour Party that has condemned our hospital.

A vote for Labour at both local and national elections is a vote for our hospital closure and a hospital at Wynyard.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,