LETTER: MP’s jobs promise just a bag of wind

JOBS PROMISE: Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
JOBS PROMISE: Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

ALONG with all the promises of jobs in Hartlepool, another promise from our MP, Iain Wright, has been shown to be just a bag of wind.

Hundreds of jobs will be created in Hartlepool, he said.

They will be long-term jobs for the town.

At the same time, as we see these jobs blowing in the wind, we see the real truth behind the Labour Party promise.

In 2008 Ed Miliband, as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, put his signature to a legally binding goal to cut carbon emissions by 80 per cent before 2050.

If the current analysis is right then this single signature will cost the working people of this country £1.6 trillion.

They will pay this money because of Labour leader Ed Miliband in their bills.

Hang on a minute.

We are talking about the Labour Party here.

The working people, union-loving Labour Party which looks after its own.

So no jobs from wind farm turbines in Hartlepool and a great big bill to pay courtesy of the “we will freeze your utility bills” Ed Miliband.

Labour is so good to us it hurts.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,