LETTER: No need for Town Wall flood plan

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

THE decision to build a concrete back-up wall will change the lives of the residents who live behind the Town Wall.

It will alter the appearance of the ancient monument for ever.

Hartlepool Borough Council made this decision on computer-generated images, created by consultants who were paid thousands of pounds to create a proposed solution.

It then completely ignored the objections of Town Wall residents, who provided photographic and video evidence why this ridiculous plan will not work.

The residents of Town Wall, some who have lived there for more than 40 years, have endured some very heavy stormy seas but have never been flooded by sea water.

The proposed 0.7m back-up wall is supposed to protect our homes from flooding in the event of south-east storms breaking down the Town Wall.

It would have to be a mighty storm to do that.

Who could possibly think this little wall could prevent flooding if the Town Wall did break up?

If it did happen it would take the pavement, the trunking, the back-up wall, and possibly the road.

The very idea of this wall beggars belief.

This decision by the planning committee will place the Town Wall residents, who live at the west end of this new wall, in danger of flooding because this plan will not work.

The details of this plan propose the building of this wall, with drainage slots for storm waters to drain into under-pavement trunking, which will drain through an outlet onto the beach.

At each end of the new wall flood gates will be fitted to hold the water till it drains away.

All very good in theory.

But with stormy seas crashing against Town Wall comes sand, gravel and various other types of flotsam that will block the drainage slots and cause a build-up of water that will not only cause flooding but will also place the ancient Town Wall under tremendous pressure and could cause untold damage.

The council has stated this wall has to be built to protect 230 homes from over-topping waves.

That does not happen.

The water crashes against the wall, sending it up skywards, which often washes the Town Wall properties mostly with spray.

Any flooding near Town Wall would come through Sandwell Gate because it is lower than Town Wall.

The majority of the 230 properties the council has identified would not flood from over-topping of Town Wall.

It would flood from the docks because the dock walls are lower than the Town Wall, as was experienced in December’s 2013 tidal surge when Throston Bridge flooded.

That was from the dock walls over-topping.

It also flooded the west end of Southgate and Kafiga car park, all from the docks.

The Town Wall residents had no problems.

J Graham,

Town Wall,