LETTER: Nurse was a real diamond

NOT so long ago, certainly in my lifetime, we had two categories of nurse – an SRN and an SEN category.

The SEN category of nurse has been abolished.

The people who perform the functions formerly carried out by SENs on our hospital wards are no longer regulated by the Royal College of Nursing as they once were.

They are now called ward orderly staff.

Would our hospital problems be solved if we brought back the SEN category of nurse to perform those functions, like feeding vulnerable patients, which seem to be so lacking now?

Is this the answer to our immediate shortage of nurses in the NHS?

I knew one SEN who was very proud of her State Enrolled Nurse status.

She performed great service for patients in hospital and some very rich, well to do patients in their own homes too.

She was called Mrs Briton and she was a real diamond.

Do we need to bring back Mrs Briton?

Nigel Boddy,

Fife Road,