LETTER: Nurses need to make their votes count

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I RECENTLY attended a hustings debate hosted by the Royal College of Nursing with Tory MP Dan Poulter, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb, and Labour Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham all in attendance.

They responded to blunt questions from nurses.

The NHS political football was given a kicking, and all three were left in no doubt that nurses have had enough of their goodwill being exploited.

Under the current Government, nurses are now doing more, earning less and working longer.

The new Government must change this mantra to ‘improve, value and invest’.

The RCN Nursing Counts election manifesto sets out how they can do this.

I have a simple message for every nurse and all other health care staff.

Whatever your political views, please make your vote count in May.

Let your local candidates know what you think in the weeks ahead by emailing them, calling their campaign offices, or visiting them in person.

Gordon Lees,

RCN Council member,

Ashgrove Avenue,