Letter of the week: 'Defendants on community service should clean Hartlepool's smaller streets'

Rubbish dumped in Acclom Street, Hartlepool.
Rubbish dumped in Acclom Street, Hartlepool.

I agree with reader Darren Smith (Mail Facebook page, September 15).

He commented on the article about the Great British Beach Clean-up, suggesting community service teams could help to clean the beaches.

I also think they may be able to pick rubbish up from the smaller streets, where the big street cleaners find it difficult to get through because of parked cars.

Also, I would like to comment about the A19.

I am not a driver but travel quite a lot on this road.

I see a lot of drivers try to get close behind cars so they will move to let them past, at 80mph and sometimes more.

The over-taking at these speeds, and under-taking, which I believe is an illegal move, is ridiculous and dangerous.

My opinion is that the A19 is perfectly fine.

It’s a lot of drivers who abuse it.

Sandra Gibson,

Alliance Street,