Letter of the week: General Election writing was on the wall

Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap election.
Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap election.

The announcement from the Prime Minister on April 18 of a snap General Election in June confirms what I have been writing and talking about for some time.

The writing has been on the wall and with the Conservative party machine working overtime, the numbers now add up.

Theresa May (pictured) has relented; accepted the opportunity to achieve a number of things:

Try to increase her majority.

Destroy any Labour creditability.

Purge her own party of dissenters.

Create a mandate for her plans and course of Brexit.

The short notice has also given her the initiative over her rivals, as there are a number of seats without candidates in place, for a number of reasons, which again strengthens her hand.

She no doubt will have all her bases covered, in spite of her comments about not wanting to go to the people again.

We all know what politicians say and what they do are totally different.

How it will pan out we will all know on June 9, following the counts.

So as our MPs return from one holiday they will be getting ready for another recess to fight the election.

No wonder so much never gets done.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,