Letter of the week: Hartlepool can be rightly proud of great act of kindness

Our writer's wife was injured in Mulgrave Road.
Our writer's wife was injured in Mulgrave Road.

I would like to thank the three people who stopped and helped me when my wife tripped and fell in Mulgrave Road on the morning of April 26.

I especially want to thank Sean L, who not only stopped to help but also took us both to the Urgent Care Centre (UCC), where she received treatment for her badly cut and bruised face.

Having been to the UCC and then on to the University Hospital of North Tees for x-rays, I was even more delighted when Sean rang us that afternoon to see how my wife was.

Having only lived in Hartlepool for less than two years I shouldn’t be surprised by this act of kindness as everyone we have met since moving here has been more than welcoming.

But I felt I wanted to mention this great example of kindness to which all of Hartlepool can be rightly proud.

Keith MacDonald,

Hart Lane,


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