Letter of the week: Is it time for Hartlepool residents to get a council tax reduction?

Inspirations garden centre.
Inspirations garden centre.

I see pantomime season has started early this year (Mail, December 4), with Hartlepool Borough Council closing yet another council-run project which is running at a loss.

After throwing away £335,000 on one person’s inane idea of running a coffee shop in the cemetery, it has now been found that Inspirations garden centre is also a non-viable council-run business and will be shut down as well.
But all is not lost.

Council taxpayers of Hartlepool stand to gain from the sale of this land for houses to be built on it.

Perhaps a reduction in council tax is on the cards?

When is the chief executive (the real leader of the council, in my view) going to gather the “gallant 35” (councillors) together in a meeting room and explain to them in words of one syllable, so they can easily understand, that their responsibilities as a councillor lie in providing a service to their ward constituents?

In other words, to act as a conduit between their ward constituents and council officers, to the advancement and betterment of Hartlepool.

Only 15 weeks to go to the next council election so expect these seemingly scarcely seen “petty politicians” to commence emerging from under their rocks any time soon.

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,


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