Letter of the week: Thanks God for courageous Hartlepool firefighters and helpful public

The aftermath of the Lumley Square fire.
The aftermath of the Lumley Square fire.

With reference to the article, Couple’s lucky escape after fire in Hartlepool (Mail, March 5), we would like to thank God for the courageous firefighters.

Your extremely quick attendance helped to prevent a lot more damage to our and our next-door neighbours’ property.

We were, and still are, overwhelmed and humbled by the kindness and generosity of family, friends, neighbours – even people whom we had never met until that night, including a gentlemen who had recently moved into the area who was so kind and concerned for us.

We would also like to thank the four young lads who couldn’t do enough to help.

The youngsters never seem to get acknowledged for the good deeds they do.

Very grateful thanks to all involved.

Colin and Carol Price and family,

Lumley Square,


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