Letter of the week: Thirty-one per cent allowance rise Hartlepool councillors are like pigs at the trough

How we reported the rise opposed by our letter writer.
How we reported the rise opposed by our letter writer.

So once again the pigs are lining up at the trough in order to stick their snouts in and suck up as much taxpayers’ money as they can (Mail, June 20).

While others are restricted to austerity measures, and civil servants and nurses (people who actually provide a service to the public) are restricted to 1% annual pay rise, Hartlepool

Borough councillors are in line to pocket a 31% increase in basic pay for doing what is essentially a part-time job.

I fully realise that a lot of Hartlepool councillors have turned this part-time job of representing the residents of their ward into full-time employment with perks and benefits.

Paid to go to work and paid to go home from work (travel allowance).

Paid to eat while they are at work (subsistence allowance).

Paid to visit other towns on the pretext that they are providing a service to the people of Hartlepool.

Such as trips to holiday resorts on the South coast of England and to the town of Huckelhoven in Germany.

Increases in salary should only be given for increases in services provided to the people of Hartlepool.

Increases in salary should never be given for the reduction of services or because someone in another town gets a higher salary.

Our councillors all sing from the same hymn sheet, crying out loud that they are the lowest paid councillors in the North East.

Hartlepool councillors need to get a grip on reality, take off their rose-tinted spectacles and take a good close look at the lack of services in Hartlepool.

Councillors in other North East towns are paid higher salaries because their towns have more to offer than Hartlepool.

Has it never occurred to the councillors in Hartlepool to question why everyone from Hartlepool goes out of town to do their shopping?

Do they consider that York Road – Hartlepool’s town centre – equal to or on a par with Stockton High Street and River Front or Middlesbrough’s Cleveland Centre?

We have libraries, hostels and cafes closed down.

Homes for people with learning difficulties and training centres for young adults closed down.

The University Hospital of Hartlepool’s A&E, maternity department and most other departments, along with nursing staff in Hartlepool, closed down.

And our councillors say they deserve a pay rise for all these closures?

Hartlepool councillors are going to debate among themselves whether or not they should accept this increase in pay and allowances.

With a majority of Labour Party councillors there is no possible way whatsoever they are going to refuse to award themselves “loadsa money”.

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,