Letter of the week: Those in power should show compassion in Hartlepool's War of the Roses

Thelma Peppert and John Proudlock outside Rose Cottage
Thelma Peppert and John Proudlock outside Rose Cottage

How very sad that Mrs Peppert (Mail, May 26), who has reached over 90 years of age, has been made so upset by the uproar over the roses outside of her home at Dalton Piercy.

The roses have been there for many years and bring so much pleasure to those who see them, and care for them.

The attitude of those in authority has made this woman very ill.

I would have thought to let her have her remaining years looking her roses, which she has tended for so long, would not be too much to ask.

To actually state that the roses should be removed within 14 days or the authority will destroy them, and that the family be billed for the cost of doing this work, I think is petty and childish.

Whatever has happened to kindness in authority?

To those who have made this decision they would be wise to remember they may be lucky enough to reach their 90s and one wonders what those in authority would do to them.

Every good wish to Mrs Proudlock.

One hopes that in the end authority may show some compassion.

Kath Threlfall,


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