Letter of the week: What has new Hartlepool MP Mike Hill achieved so far?

Our writer has a question looming for Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, above.
Our writer has a question looming for Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, above.

On June 8, a general election was held, and the people of Hartlepool democratically elected Mike Hill (pictured) to represent them in the House of Commons.

The former incumbent of this office, Iain Wright, declared he was standing down, having now chosen a different career path.

Mr Hill, in his election leaflets, promised to improve services and bring much-needed employment to Hartlepool.

Things can only get better for the people of Hartlepool, the leaflet proclaimed.

A living wage of £10 per hour, the abolition of all student debts, and so on.

The people of Hartlepool strongly believed what was written in the Labour Party leaflets and that, after Iain Wright, things could definitely “only get better”.

It is now (August 19) 62 days since Mike Hill was elected as Member of Parliament for Hartlepool.

Has anyone seen him around?

I do believe that there was a “closed door” meeting of local trade union members and Labour Party activists in the Nursery Inn, in Hart Lane, recently (special invitation only).

As I see it, hereby lies a bit of a problem for the people of Hartlepool.

Closed door meetings, lack of openness, press excluded?

Not very democratic me thinks!

Hartlepool’s MP worked for Unison trade union.

Therefore, his first loyalty could be to Unison president Dave Prentis, who is a colleague of Leonard McClusky of Unite union.

A man and a union which supports militant tendency, strike action for petty and impractical reasons, and who is the paymaster and advisor in chief to Marxist leader of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn?

Mr Corbyn is in turn close friends with Mike Whelan of ASLEF, a union which has organised the catastrophic strike action affecting Southern Rail and which will very soon cause chaos on

other rail services throughout the UK.

Add to this the ultra left-wing Marxist/Socialist shadow cabinet ministers, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott, and I tremble with fear for the future of open, honest and unprejudiced

representation in Parliament for the people of Hartlepool.

It is only 38 days until Mr Hill informs us exactly what he has achieved in his first 100 days as Hartlepool MP.

I, for one, eagerly look forward to hearing it.

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,