Letter of the week: Why don't the Russians seem to care about Salisbury attack victims?

Police in protective suits at the scene of the Salisbury poisonings.
Police in protective suits at the scene of the Salisbury poisonings.

There is an enormous amount of Russian money in the City of London.

I imagine there was a great deal more a few days ago than there is now.

Houses, apartments and buildings of all kinds are a little more difficult to move.

With the co-operation of the Land Registry placing an embargo on the sale of all Russian-owned property in the UK, I wonder if a wide-ranging series of Proceeds Of Crime applications might be commenced within the next few days in magistrates courts up and down the country, looking into how these individuals came by the money they used to purchase apartments, houses or businesses in London and elsewhere.

I understand that, in due course, some residential property might be confiscated, depending upon the outcome of the hearings.

They could therefore become available to the authorities as grace and favour apartments for those working in the NHS, the police and other public services.

I am somewhat amazed at the attitude of the Russian government.

Haven’t two Russians just been mercilessly attacked on the streets of Salisbury?

Why don’t they seem to care?

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,


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