LETTER: Penny has dropped over influx of migrants

British Prime Minister David Cameron
British Prime Minister David Cameron

IT appears that our elected elite in government have suddenly woken up to the fact that this massive influx of migrants is costing this country a great deal of money, plus disruption, chaos, unhappiness and general unease to the British public.

This state of affairs has been ongoing for some considerable time now, despite thousands of readers’ letters and notable columnists’ opinions, all expressing concern.

The penny has finally dropped.

Certain positive action appears to be taking place to ease this fiasco.

Seemingly, it appears to be too little, too late, as always.

Why has it taken so long for our governing body to get organised?

If some of them had been employed in private industry, and demonstrated such a lack of foresight and initiative, they would now be seeking another job.

I fervently hope Cameron will bite the bullet and opt out of the greedy, ever-demanding shackle of this union, and start to rebuild our own country without hindrance from others.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,