LETTER: People will not forget words on Hartlepool hospital

The University Hospital of Hartlepool
The University Hospital of Hartlepool

I WAS moved to examine the archives of this newspaper via a specific recommendation from my best friend.

I immediately found a feature, 10 years and three months old, which illustrated the reality that everything which goes around comes around.

The feature (Mail, September 14, 2004) was entitled Battle for hospital is still alive.

Here are some direct quotation paragraphs for your consideration:

Health Secretary Dr John Reid, stated in last week’s Mail: “Let me make it clear, as long as I am secretary of state, Hartlepool’s hospital will not be closed.”

And on Thursday Tony Blair told the Mail: “There is no question of the hospital closing or being run down.

“I hope people understand there has never been any question of the hospital closing, we are there to improve it and not run it down.”

However, the Save our Hospital campaigners still feared that, while anything and everything was being promised, it may well have been just electioneering.

One of the campaigners, Elaine Fisher, of Formby Close, Clavering, Hartlepool, said: “We are demanding answers and an end to all of this speculation – nobody believes what is being said.””

That pretty simple repeat of that which everyone was saying brought forth this reply:

Labour candidate for Hartlepool, Iain Wright, today said: “The Prime Minister’s words in the Mail were clear and unambiguous.

“People in Hartlepool are getting fed up with the future of the hospital being manipulated by people with a political agenda who seem determined to demoralise the town and the hospital’s staff despite the very clear statements from both John Reid and Tony Blair.

“There are no circumstances in which I, as the town’s MP, would sit back and allow such a thing to happen.”

Now, 10 years later, the “same old, same old” electioneering is manifest.

The top gun ministers have long since gone on to greener pastures – but we are invited to believe the same candidate again?

I know that Elaine told the truth, and that her fears were proven to be fully justified.

This matter is not about tax, about benefits, about expenses or even about being “ordinary”.

It can often be about life and death.

We need the confidence we have been denied!

There is, however, something upon which you can rely.

A promise from me.

Iain Wright may be certain that us “ordinary” people will never forget what he said within his direct quotations in the Mail archive feature, repeated above.

Thereby we will now vote for anyone in preference to you.

Keith Fisher,

Formby Close,