LETTER: Plane crash article brought back memories

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I have just read the article by Sarah Stoner about the two Javelin planes that collided.

I was in Grayfields at that time, playing football with three mates – Dave Knight, Eric Totty and Mickey Hickman – when we heard one of the planes overhead.

It circled, then banked.

That is when we saw it had no canopy and no pilot.

We started to get a bit worried because it had started to lose height.

I suppose it was about 200ft to 300ft when it started to head for Elwick.

We watched it as it hit the ground and exploded with a bang, then a line of flames.

We did think about getting on our bikes.

Then we had a thought it might have been carrying live explosives.

I hope this gives another viewpoint of an incident which could have been serious but where nobody got hurt or killed.

Ken Sharpe,

The Green,