LETTER: Plans are too little, too late

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Plans for a Labour Party of England, as suggested by MP Jon Cruddas, are too little, too late.

This is a patronising approach by Labour to millions who deserted them at the last General Election to vote for UKIP.

It comes as no surprise, when UKIP took 17 per cent of the vote in the North-East, our best result anywhere in the country.

Mr Cruddas has indicated that Labour would be looking to replicate its Scottish Labour and Welsh Labour off-shoots.

Labour was shell-shocked to lose an election they thought they had in the bag when voters they have long taken for granted turned to UKIP instead.

But Labour will still be run by and for a Hampstead London elite.

Listening to people shouldn’t be about gimmicks but policies.

Labour clearly opposes English votes for English laws. The British people have realised that, and are looking for an alternative, which is one of the reasons so many are turning to UKIP.

Jonathan Arnott,

UK Independence Party,

Elwick Road,


Pressured into the role

Caring for a disabled loved-one must be one of the most challenging tasks there is.

There are in excess of 6.5m carers in the UK.

That’s one in eight of us.

But do readers know that six out of 10 carers are women?

The charity, Revitalise, which provides respite holidays for disabled people and carers from across the UK, found that eight out of 10 female carers thought that women felt pressured into the role of carer on account of their gender.

What’s more, nine out of 10 felt there was an expectation that women take on the role of carer.

But what’s surprising is that eight out of 10 women and nine out of 10 men agreed that men are just as good at caring as women.

So what is going on?

We think it’s because there is a widely held view in society that caring is somehow “women’s work”.

Well, there are around 2.65m male carers in the UK who would strongly disagree.

If women are feeling unfairly pressured into becoming carers solely because of their gender, then we think that is quite wrong.

We think much more needs to be done to support unpaid family carers.

That includes tackling this perceived issue of gender bias.

Get behind Revitalise’s essential work supporting disabled people and carers from across the UK.

For more information call 0303 303 0145 or visit www.revitalise.org.uk.

Colin Brook,


Business Design Centre,

Upper Street,