LETTER: Poem titled ‘Beside the lake’

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WALKING and talking beside the lake,

On a cool, calm summer evening.

Watching swallows swoop and glide,

Whilst elegant swans glide past dreaming.

Listening to sounds of soothing water,

Tumbling through woodland glades.

Curling, swirling, foaming and gurgling,

Running, rippling through dappled shade.

Kingfisher poised on a slim leafy bough,

His keen eyes searching the stream.

High overhead the wise osprey circles,

Watching for ripples or a silvery sheen.

Rushes start moving at the water’s edge,

As a mallard hen raises the alarm.

Alerting the moorhens and wily coots,

That the cunning old fox is working his charm.

The darkness moves slowly across the lake,

As the moon rises over the hillside.

Stars start to appear, giving a silver display,

As we head for home and the fireside.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,