LETTER: Poem titled Keep this Haven

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THERE is a pleasant scenic spot,

Where wildlife thrives within this plot.

We watch the birds soar in the breeze,

Then swoop to nestle in the trees.

Through this land there winds a beck,

With a tree-lined walkway where the fit do trek.

The young, the old, whether boy or girl,

This route’s a place we all enjoy.

But now this land off the Fens estate,

The developers want to desecrate.

We bought our homes with a guarantee

The land would remain development-free.

This buffer zone, our green field site,

Protects our homes both day and night.

Remove the barrier and crime will soar,

A crime-free zone it will be no more.

So, council, consider a vulnerable estate,

And policing costs before too late.

The developers can be cast aside,

With this you would regain much pride.

I have written my poem, I have sung my song,

It is time for me to move along.

I’ve done my bit, I have tried my best,

Now council planners please do the rest.

Happy Christmas.

W Rigg,

Ingham Grove,