LETTER: Police not to blame for schoolgirls’ flight to Syria

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I HAVE followed the reports of the three silly schoolgirls who absconded to foreign climes to join the movement in Syria.

At that age romantic inclinations, of joining the “knights in shining armour”, may have inspired them - that and just wanting to break free.

We now learn that the families of the girls are blaming the police for passing on certain letters directly to the girls, instead of to the parents concerned.

Should they have received the information the letters contained they could have persuaded them to stay at home.

Why blame the police?

Although quite young, they appear to be mature young women with minds of their own. Similarly the young men who have absconded to foreign lands to join their brothers.

Nothing is going to stop them.

They have made a choice,let them abide by it.

Unfortunately, they realise the errors of their decisions the hard way when confronted by the harsh realities of war.

If they want to come back to the country they vacated, will they be accepted?

Immigrants wishing to come to live in our country should first and foremost learn our language, respect our religions and our very way of life, however different it is to theirs.

If not happy, there is always the country from whence they came to go back to.

JW Bearby,

Tarnston Road,