LETTER: Questions over Ukip poll

UKIP leader Nigel Farage at Hartlepool Borough Hall
UKIP leader Nigel Farage at Hartlepool Borough Hall

I’M writing regarding ‘We want Farage in Downing Street’ (Mail, February 6).

I study politics A-level at Hartlepool Sixth Form College and would never be able to use a survey like this as an example in an essay or exam question.

It has no information on demographics, is not representative of the area and misrepresents reality in the town.

To begin with, this survey was completed by only 171 Mail readers, while the Hartlepool electorate is more than 70,000.

This is less than 0.24 per cent of the people able to vote in the election here.

The 31 per cent you say would vote for Farage (pictured) is only 0.075 per cent or just 53 people out of 70,000.

Even at the last election here, Labour won over 42 per cent, so how can 11 per cent less show who might win?

How do readers know if the people that took part are from Hartlepool?

They might all be UKIP supporters from elsewhere.

I also doubt that many people even knew Nigel Farage was in Hartlepool the past weekend because they were stuck inside the Borough Hall.

I don’t think any local people saw them at all.

Meanwhile, when I was going to work on Saturday morning I saw the Conservative party and its Parliamentary candidate, Richard Royal, outside Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, handing out leaflets and making contact with actual people – I’d have thought a lot more than 171.