LETTER: Scholars shouldn’t dabble in politics

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I FIND it interesting that the University College of London has publicly declared that Britain benefits from immigration.

It suggested that all are welcome, no matter what their circumstances are, and that Britain will provide for their needs.

What is ironic is that the same college in the past decade has received some £39m from the European Union in grants.

Perhaps that influenced its judgement.

We, as taxpayers, have to wonder what knowledge academics have concerning the local councils’ administration, housing, local education facilities, health care, the infrastructure of town, and the impact that immigrants have on local councils’ expenditure.

Sitting in ivory towers is not coping with the problems of today’s modern society.

We can all be experts so long as we do not have to put our theories into practice, then bear the consequences of failure when the proposed ideology collapses around our ears.

It would be much better if these donnish scholars stuck to reducing the students’ rise in tuition fees rather than to dabble in political issues that have nothing to do with those that face the electorate’s every day welfare.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,