LETTER: Scrap the Keogh proposals


THE country is in the grip of a killer flu virus which has lasted for weeks and is taking the lives of many elderly people.

The Government has continued with a barmy Whitehall scheme to close or downgrade most A&Es to mere emergency departments.

Emergency departments don’t do everything A&Es do.

As a result the full-on surviving A&Es are swamped with cases from this nasty flu virus among other things.

Whitehall, of course, doesn’t see the need to change their ideas.

It refuses to advise the Government in a different way, as it views the flu epidemic as a temporary problem and no reason to turn back on their flagship policy to save money by closing down or downgrading A&Es to just second division emergency departments.

These Keogh proposals are producing an intolerable strain on ambulance crews.

Labour refuses to say anything about this barmy scheme as many Labour councillors on health trust boards have endorsed it.

Scrap the Keogh proposals.

Nigel F Boddy,

Fife Road,