LETTER: Sentence for gunman was ‘travesty of justice’

Kevin Burgon
Kevin Burgon

FEEDBACK from relatives, friends and the public alike have now prompted me to write again regarding what many consider to be a harsh sentence to Kevin Burgon (Mail, December 5).

Mr Burgon (pictured) erroneously possessed a lethal Berretta pistol and ammunition illegally.

He was a proclaimed collector and considered expert in military hardware, including weaponry, the certification for which he held, according to law methodically checked and examined by police every year.

He was hardly likely to use a weapon for illicit purposes.

During one of the police inspections the pistol was discovered quite accidentally.

He was charged with possession.

That is the law – no ifs nor buts.

Mr Burgon was taken to court and sentenced to three years four months in jail.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, that was a very harsh sentence.

With no previous record whatever, and impeccable character references, a family man’s life has been ruined forever for one infringement.

Sadly, he will carry the stigma and record of a criminal for the rest of his life.

When one reads on a daily basis how the law is systematically abused by habitual criminals, extremists and clever benefit offenders, and the lenient sentences imposed, Mr Burgon’s sentence is a travesty of justice.

It should be reconsidered compassionately.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,