LETTER: So great together

I KNOW that it is pantomime season and all sorts of fairy tale performances are being acted out in theatres around the country.

However the article (Mail, January 1) beats them all.

In mid 2014 the leader of Hartlepool Borough Council gave away an under-spend of thousands of pounds of council taxpayers’ money to people in receipt of housing benefit, which brought them over and above their due entitlement.

Then the council gave to these same people an over-payment in the housing benefits allowance to which they are entitled.

Now the council writes off more than £40,000.

It claims to be unable to collect the over-payment from these very same people claiming housing benefit.

Like I said previously, I know this is pantomime season but this scenario borders on the ridiculous.

Are we sure that the people we presume are responsible for running the council are worth the salaries that we, council taxpayers, are paying them?

And isn’t it strange how the council hasn’t brought anyone to account for this?

I think it is about time that the council leader was held responsible for the mistakes that I consider are being made on a regular basis within the council.

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,