LETTER: Sold down the river over hospital

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I was sitting in One Life, waiting to see an audiologist.

I picked up a copy of Heartbeat (Winter 2014).

On the front cover was a picture of the meeting in the Town Hall about the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

In the picture were a number of Hartlepool Borough councillors and the town’s MP.

All of these politicians and local people said they had no confidence in North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust.

In my opinion, the trust (strange name) took no notice of the concerns of the people. But who do we trust in this situation?

The council?

Since the start of the process some nine years ago, with the removal of trauma to the University Hospital of North Tees, and after the Darzi report, both Labour and the coalition Government have been, in my view, inept in doing anything about lost services.

The power put into the hands of these trusts is choking the democratic rights of local people.

So all the photos, marches and motions are of no use to us in defending our rights to hospital services within easy reach of our homes.

This trust has spent taxpayers’ money without any guarantees that it would bear fruit.

But the really sad thing is that, throughout those nine years, we have never been given the respect due to us from any of the main players.

Now we are told (Mail, May 11) that not only is this new hospital defunct but the land has been sold back to its original owner, with its planning permission for building in place.

We also know that many of the services at Hartlepool hospital have been moved out.

People who worked there are now having to travel to North Tees, with travelling costs.

The trust has lost its bid for a new hospital, and we have lost the town’s hospital.

It has lost nothing.

We, however, have lost everything.

I believe Hartlepool has been betrayed, the people’s money spent and hope gone.

Who is to blame?

Well one thing you can be sure of is that all of those main players will blame one another.

We, as residents, can do nothing to rid ourselves of our anger and upset.

We have all been sold down the river.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,