LETTER: Thanks to all who helped

THROUGH your paper I would like to pay tribute to the two lady community police officers, the kind gentleman, the two lady paramedics and two ambulance ladies at NHS Hartlepool for their excellent attention on Friday, May 22.

My wife Betty and I (who was also helpful) enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Flagship restaurant.

Afterwards, we walked to the bus stop opposite the Grand Hotel and awaited a bus back to Billingham.

Suddenly I collapsed, the kind stranger helped my wife to recover me and phoned for the ambulance.

Whilst waiting I was then attended to by the two lady community police officers (after collapsing again), two young lady paramedics arrived and checked me out medically, the ambulance arrived and the two ladies stretchered me into the ambulance.

Whilst lying there my wife, Betty, mentioned that it was my 91st birthday, whereupon the four young ladies sang “Happy Birthday” (it was quite surreal).

They then transported my wife and me to North Tees hospital. I was then medically examined and tests (ECG etc) and eventually discharged some seven hours later.

Believe me I will never forget my 91st birthday or the kindness and help of the gentleman and ladies of the police and NHS Hartlepool.

Name and address supplied.

P.S. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend the excellent quality of food (so well cooked and presented) and service provided by the staff at the Sixth Form College Flagship restaurant. We respectfully suggest that the facility lacks publicity, therefore a press publication (advert) also a large sign (Flagship restaurant) on the building facing the busy road opposite, as at present the restaurant deserves more support in this respect.